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We take pride in the depth and breadth of our experience.  We aren’t narrowly focused on one industry or technology, but rather bring smarts and savvy to all our projects.  This experiences helps us understand business processes and procedures and implement creative solutions.

Below is a small sampling of the ways we have solved problems, created solutions, and improved efficiency for some of our customers.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The MIT Office of Corporate Relations needed a system to manage their impressive portfolio of corporate partners and members, as well as the research being conducted by faculty and graduate students.  Through an extensive design process we designed and and built a system that allows them to track their corporate partners and contacts, enabling seamless communication with their corporate constituents.  It also tracks the full breadth of research, faculty, projects, and labs on the MIT campus.  This database is the premier source of information about who’s doing what, at one of the country’s foremost research institutions.


Seeing a niche in the Equestrian event management area, we worked with industry partners to build the premier event management application.  Our application not only leads in functionality but has revolutionized an industry, raising the bar for all competitors in the market place.  This product manages all aspects of the events from back-office to tools used throughout the “Show Grounds”.   From web, to phone, to handheld computer we provide real-time data when and where it’s needed.  We have also had the opportunity to integrate with Daktronics scoreboard equipment, Tag Heuer timing equipment and other specialized sports equipment hardware and software.  This product was spun into it’s own company in 2006. Find out more at www.showgroundsonline.com.


An early pioneer in the e-health arena, we built the systems that allowed this online medical information site to grow from 3 employees to nearly 200 in just over 12 months.  Our systems handled everything from online traffic to billing to customer-care and sales.

Electrical Parts Manufacturer

This manufacturer turned to custom software to manage a complex manufacturing process.  Dealing with large amounts of precious metals, they needed an end-to-end Manufacturing Information System that would maintain tight control of their valuable raw materials inventory.  We have worked on all aspects of this system delivering tools from complex part definitions and specifications, invoicing, to job and lot costing.  We have also built seamless integration with other systems used such as their accounting and general ledger systems.


JavaNet was an Internet Service Provider, started in the mid-1990’s, that understood very early how important efficiency and systems were to their success.  We partnered with them to build an end-to-end solution for their business.  A touch screen point-of-sale system in their line of internet cafes enabled employees to not only sell a Latte, but also sign up customers for home internet service. Our automated billing systems allowed them to bill hundreds to start and ultimately tens of thousands of customers, making them one of the fastest growing internet companies of their time.  Our customer care system allowed them to manage inquiries, and service their customers, making them the highest rated ISP in the region.  Our self-registration system allowed them to go after, win and signup every teacher in the state of Massachusetts for sponsored internet service.  Ultimately, these integrated systems made JavaNet an attractive company to be purchased by the giant RCN for over $17M.